Today’s post is about the importance of teamwork – which brings me, quite obviously, to the subject of grenade fishing.

These guys didn’t quite manage much teamwork here. I know I should feel sorry for them. Is it very wrong of me that I don’t?

More on teamwork later. On a more heart-warming note, let’s look at why one woman loves the man in her life. I really like it that he doesn’t mind her teaching their kids to jump out of a moving van. Find it here at One Stray Sock From Insanity.

Here’s the top 8 most disgusting foods you must try when visiting China. I must confess I haven’t tried any of these. Worst I’ve ever had was boiled chicken’s feet. They taste as good as they sound.

But my niece has tried balut on a recent visit to the Philippines. As she’s the kind of young woman who screams when her mascara runs I thought this incredibly brave of her.

I really liked this post from Nigel Blackwell. It’s a fantastic story about staying focused. I think we could all learn something from it.

And I loved this, too – it’s a post from a few weeks ago from Marcia Richards: What Creative Entrepreneurs can learn from Bette Davis. Wonderful stuff.

Here we have 34 adverts that would be totally banned today. It makes you appreciate how far we’ve come – except, what were we doing there in the first place??

What ads do you hope will be banned fifty years from now?

And here’s this story I found I don’t know quite what to make of: the 85 year olds who got remarried 48 years after they got a divorce.

I don’t know: do you think it will last?

Finally, back to teamwork. Here’s a great example of it, from the brilliant Jim Tavare:

I hope you enjoyed my post. And because I want to see you all back here regularly, I am offering a free copy of Looking for Mr. Goodstory to anyone who joins my blog! It’s a collection of my favorite blog posts over the last six months – all you have to do is join up, then write to me at colin underscore falconer underscore author at hotmail dot com. I’ll send you a copy as a mobi Epub or PDF file!

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  1. Marcia says:

    Hey Colin! thanks for including me in your fantastic mash-up of links! Love the videos and I see a few friends up there, too! Have a great week!

  2. lovely mashup and that last video….ROFL. thanks for making Monday better

  3. Glad you liked Alex’s story, Colin. Thanks for the mention.

    I’ve never actually held a live grenade, but I’m pretty sure that if I pulled the pin out I would be throwing it as far as I could manage, not dropping it on the water beside my boat. I wonder if the boat sank later on.

    The adverts were amazing. I creased up over them. Staggering how much difference 50 years makes. I remember reading Curious George to my daughter when she was 3 or 4. There was a line that said “George went to bed after a good meal and a good pipe.” Ah, classic stuff to be teaching toddlers, but in its day I doubt anyone would have thought anything of it.

    I’m going to have to look at those ads again.


    • Well Nigel you would think the boat would sink, wouldn’t you? But the video ends at that point. What were they thinking? I can only imagine they were drunk out of their minds. But what about the people filming it?? Bewildering.
      I think ads are better than any history book to reflect the nature of the times … scary.

  4. I’m with Nigel about the grenade! Those ads are something else, aren’t they? The one with the pig carving itself was pretty disgusting. 🙂

    LOVE that last video! What a hoot!

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