Now be honest: have you ever been so drunk you’ve tried to pull your pants over your own head? Would you like to see someone actually try to do it?

Well, just stick around till the end of the post then.

Meanwhile here’s a dog that belongs to an engineer.

And here’s another radical invention – the facekini. It’s apparently taken off in China. Its inventors say it keeps sharks away and prevents sunburn. What’s not to love?

If you understand the facekini, you probably understand quantum physics as well. One of the key experiments is to do with Schroedinger’s Cat. Right here is the best explanation about the theory I’ve ever come across. But I still don’t understand it. But it’s fun and it’s from Jennifer Jensen.

IF YOU HAVE A BLOG then you have to see this comic strip. Very funny and also very true. Jeez, I hope theirs no spelling or grammatical errors here.

And here’s a great post about how to write characters in fiction. It’s from Nicholas Guild, who we’ve mentioned here before. Find it here at Glenn Starkey’s blog.

And hats off to this guy. He lost a leg serving in the US Army in Afghanistan. Now he’s a US open ball boy. Awesome. Read about him here.

But not everyone respects army veterans – at least this Vietnam vet didn’t think so after his conversation with a certain US presidential candidate. Is it possible for someone to have a conversation and actually not listen to a word that’s said? See it here.

And finally, here it is: those of us who also don’t mind a drink now and then can sympathize. These things happen:

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  1. Hey, Colin! That dog is priceless, and his engineer owner is incredible! Definitely forwarding this to some family members. And thanks for including me!

  2. Oh I wish I had that ball-throwing machine for my dog! Only it would have to lob it about fifty feet because Jack outweighs that dog by a good 95 pounds. 🙂

    Interesting way to wear a pair of short pants, and I have to say it makes me glad that I’ve never tried to ‘drink and swim.’ Perhaps someone should have helped this gentleman out with a facekini. (by the way, the link doesn’t work for that, but it sounded interesting enough that I checked Google…very attractive piece of swimwear, isn’t it?)

    • Thanks for letting me know about the link – I’d better check that out. It is the scariest piece of fashion I have seen in years. No way I would go swimming on a beach where everyone looks like the Boston Strangler!

  3. Liv Rancourt says:

    Brilliance abounds! I showed my 12-year-old son the dog video, because that’s totally the kind of thing he’d come up with. He *almost* cracked a smile, although it faded when I pointed out he’d be able to practice his piano while the dog was playing.

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