Are you feeling lucky today? At the end of the post there’s a clip of some people who got very, very, very lucky. Astoundingly lucky. Don’t watch it if you have a heart condition.

Sometimes though people make their own luck with hard work and persistence. Here’s a great story of a woman who did just that from Debra Eve’s Later Bloomer site. It’s the success story of Claire Cooke, the author of Must Love Dogs. If you feel you need some inspiration as well as some luck today, you should read this.

Finding an agent or publisher is not easy, as Claire’s story illustrates. Jami Gold has a bit to say on the subject in a post that will help anyone who’s still wants to break into the world of traditional publishing.

Some people write for money; others write for catharsis, but when they do it reveals a side of humanity that other people are perhaps fortunate not to know, but need to understand anyway. This guy’s got guts and he lays it all bare. But don’t read it if you’re offended by strong language and graphic details. It’s not pretty, but it’s damned good.

Some people choose to go homeless. Others just look like they are. I loved this meme and I wonder at the creativity and the sanity of the person who thought of it. It’s called CELEBRITIES WHO LOOK LIKE MATTRESSES. It is what it says.

I guess everything depends on your point of view; I really enjoyed this image from Leanne Shirtliffe on how a toddler views their mother’s purse.

And I promise you, this will bring a lump to your throat. It’s called the Story of a Love Affair in 21 Pictures. A picture speaks a thousand words so I will say no more about it. But you MUST see it.

Was that guy lucky or unlucky? He sure wasn’t lucky the day that mine exploded. But he seems to have found the sort of connection the rest of the world is looking for. It’s a montage I’ll never forget.

Here’s a few clips of people who never had to go through what he did. You might want to watch this through your fingers. It’s butt-clenching.

The Naked Husband‘Another man would have made it an affair and nothing else. Another man would have been more ruthless, more cynical. The naked husband falls in love.’

Mark d’Arbanville has the ‘perfect life’: a successful writer, he is happily married with a teenage son.

But when he falls in love with another woman, Mark’s life unravels, exposing regret, estrangement and heartache. Yet as his marriage falls apart Mark still can’t let go. Nor can his lover, Anna, who won’t leave her husband. When Mark finally does make the break, the effect is catastrophic – his wife commits suicide. The circuit breaker comes when Mark finds his dead wife’s journals, and in their pages discovers a man – himself – he can barely recognize.

He is forced to take stock of who he is and how men and women live their lives.

THE NAKED HUSBAND takes a candid look at the way men think, act and feel inside a relationship. Shocking, disturbing but impossible to put down, it’s a novel for every woman who ever found the reality of sex and marriage so different to the fairytale, and wondered why.

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author of bestselling historical novels like Anastasia, When We Were Gods, Aztec and Harem. My books have been published in the UK, US and ANZ and translated into seventeen languages.
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  1. Jami Gold says:

    Holy cow! That video. *speechless* *still speechless*

    *ahem* So, thanks for linking to my blog, and I think you make a great point–especially with the love story montage. He was unlucky, but now he has something beautiful, and they’re both lucky to have each other. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Debra Eve says:

    Hey Colin, thanks for the shoutout. That photo montage was truly beautiful. And the mattress meme is certainly more creative than the naked Prince Harry one!

  3. My video is slow, so I didn’t watch the video link. It sounds like a good one – maybe I can catch it at school tomorrow. 🙂 I had a very lucky day last week. I got distracted while driving to work and nearly (missed only by inches) ran myself into a hay truck. I looked up at the very last moment and then nearly had a heart attack. I slowed down from speeding (yep, strike number two) and not half a minute later a sheriff’s car passed me. So, not only did I avoid killing myself and getting a speeding ticket, but if, in some alternate reality I really did run into the hay truck, a sheriff was close at hand to help. I’m very happy to still be alive. 🙂

    • Lara sounds like you would have featured on the video! I crewed an ambulance for about 13 years and it has made me very fatalistic. Why did 3 people walk away from the wreck and one person is in there dead? Time and time again I came home shaking my head. I really think that our time is written in the stars; if we’re still here, it means we have a lot more still to do. So relieved you’re still here, Lara!

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