Kids. They always steal the show. Check out this toddler – amazing.

It was taken in the main square in Krakow, Poland. The kid is basically singing gibberish – but you’d have to say she’s singing better than the guy who knows all the words!

But then Christmas is for kids. Well kinda. Santa just creeps some kids out. Read this hilarious post about scary Santas from Susie Lindau – and check out the photograph of her on Santa’s lap when she was three. Hilarious.

She wasn’t alone. A lot of kids have the same reaction.

Christmas is a time for giving. It’s also a time for appreciating. And also a time for judging people you don’t know on the internet. Loved this post from Kristen Lamb – and please don’t miss the clip of the princess who gets her first car from Daddy – then howls when it’s the wrong colour.

And while we’re talking about princesses, here’s an intimate photograph of Kate and Will – they can’t blame the paparazzi for this one! Or can they?

And while we’re on the subject of famous people … would you like to take a peek at Ryan Gosling’s glabella? Yeah, I knew you would!

As we come towards the end of the year – some would say the end of time itself, but Nostradamus has been wrong so many times, I don’t believe him anymore – it’s a good time to ask yourself this question: How long have you been alive? The answer may surprise you.

Finally, if you know someone who might be tempted to drink and drive this Christmas, show them this. I warn you though – this is absolutely heart wrenching. I could barely watch it once. But everyone needs to see this.

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Anastasia, Colin Falconer

Meanwhile I’ve just finished a brand new presentation for my book: ANASTASIA on a new medium called Slideshare.

You can see it here.

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  1. Julia Robb says:

    Re your post: cool.

  2. susielindau says:

    I love this! The little kid in the stroller singing is priceless and the spoiled brat who cries when she gets the red car, well you should see what I drove. I had to wait until I was 24 to buy my beater!
    Thanks so much for the inclusion in your mash up!

  3. I love to hear little kids sing (and laugh). The other video…why people continue to be so stupid as to climb behind the wheel of a vehicle after they’ve been drinking… It’s just unbelievable. One of my aunts was in a car accident yesterday while she was stopped at a red light. Some idiot slammed into the back of her car so hard, he drove it into the one ahead of her. And then he left the scene. Fortunately the police found him a short while later. I’m curious to learn whether he was drinking or not. Ten to one he won’t get as much as he deserves in the way of punishment, but my aunt is in a neck brace, and may need surgery to repair the tendon that tore in her neck on impact. People just need to be more careful when driving.

    • I couldn’t agree more, Kristy. Used to work on an ambulance. We used to refer to the passenger seat of a car as the 65% seat; because that’s where most of the bad injuries were – not the driver. And when someone drinks, it’s often someone else pays for it, like your aunt. It’s a harrowing video, but one I hope many more people see before Christmas.

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