I thought it might be good to look at some things to make us feel better about the world today. While remembering the heroism of those teachers, here’s some other heroes whose stories had a happier ending.

Like the homeless man who helped save a newborn’s life.

Sometimes it’s not just saving lives that makes a world a better place. It’s small acts of compassion that remind us why we’re here.

Or people just thinking about someone other than themselves.

Sometimes we show our humanity by our kindness to any living creature, no matter how way out they look …

When we go out of our way to help someone else, human or not, it keeps the world a better place and restores our faith.

Just one small thing, like helping a lady – or a strange, small bear – across the road, makes the world a slightly better place.


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  1. Aloha Colin,

    Thanks for posting these videos… it can’t replace the hurt, but it does remind me there are way more good folk than bad.


  2. amyshojai says:

    These made my day. Thanks Colin, lovely reminder of the GOOD.

    • Thanks Amy. I loved the one with the sloth! The guy really wasn’t sure how the hell to pick it up. I had the same thing with a possum once. I grabbed it too far back and it turned around and got its claws in a very tender place. My good intentions were not appreciated. Didn’t help it was the middle of the night and I only had boxers on.

  3. My first comment was going to be (and apparently IS) that the videos were great…only I’m kind of cringing now about your possum story. Ouch!

    I guess I’ve never seen a sloth before…and the one in Ice Age does not count. If I’d come across that thing in the road, I’d likely have freaked out a bit, thinking aliens or secret lab experiments gone wrong. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. It would be nice if news stations were required to give equal time to good stories like these, wouldn’t it?

    • I had never seen a sloth out of a tree before, and yes, it looks like ET. The guy really wasn’t sure about even touching it, was he? I think that’s what his gesture in saving it so moving. And yes, we need more good news stories on the news. So we can get more copycat kindness than copycat crimes!

  4. violafury says:

    These types of stories, videos and even anecdotes serve to remind us of the goodness in ourselves, and there is so much that is good. “Copycat kindness” (I love that) can be fostered and blossom. It’s the same effect we get when we’re feeling good about ourselves and our relationships and want to spread that with others. It’s like the “self-fulfilling prophecy” scenario, or “make time for yourself,” that I always heard life-coaches, or whatever they are called say to busy people.

    • Viola, you always hear on the TV about copycat crimes, I think copycat kindness would take off if only they would give it a chance. I’d watch the news more if there was more good stuff on it.

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