I lived in Australia for most of my adult life. I recently moved to Barcelona but I still miss Australians.

What I love about my adopted countrymen is their irreverence and the way they use their famous sense of humor to get a point across. They also coined the term ‘a fair go’ – a concept that embraces fairness to everyone.

Here’s a very good example.

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  1. Liv Rancourt says:

    That’s brilliant! Thanks for posting.

  2. Christina Carson says:

    The ad is super. The culture that allows it to be shown super as well. Having lived in Canada 30 years, I feel toward their humor as you do toward the Aussies’ . I suppose it relates in some way to Mother Britain. But the irreverence of Canadian humor and the Aussies has a way of leveling issues to a place where making them an issue seems they only absurd thing. The Royal Canadian Air Farce has as its mission to show that nothing is sacred. I sure miss it too.

    • Funny you should say that because I’ve found I always hit it off with Canadians when I meet them, there’s definitely some sort of cultural simpatico, maybe it’s because we’re both part of Britain’s missing ‘bits’. There’s a great video at Piper Bayard’s blog this week about a Cheerios ad in the US and the incredible hate reaction they had on YouTube because it showed a mixed race couple! Hopefully we will never have that problem in Oz and hold on to the Fair Go philosophy despite the changes in Australian society is undergoing. I just checked out Canadian Air Farce – loved Cirque de Celine!

      • Christina Carson says:

        They are a hoot. They come to a city and roast it, no holds barred. I remember having a visiting American with me one Sunday when it was playing on the radio. She was appalled. I was shocked at her response.. But then I realized when I immigrated to Canada all those years ago that that I had been born in the wrong country! Oh well what goes around… Always good talking with you, Colin.

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