‘Falconer’s grasp of period and places is almost flawless … He’s my kind of writer.’ – Peter Corris, The Australian

anastasia, colin falconer, Russian RevolutionWhen Michael Sheridan, an American journalist living in Shanghai, jumps into the Whangpoa River to save a Russian refugee, his life changes forever.

The girl bears an uncanny resemblance to Princess Anastasia, who is rumored to have survived the brutal massacre of the Royal family by Bolshevik revolutionaries two years before.

Is she a Romanov? Is she Anastasia? Or just another taxi girl, like a million others?

Unraveling that mystery will take ten years, lead him halfway around the world, and in the end may even cost him his life …


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The House of Special Purpose – a novella

(prequel to Anastasia)

HouseofSpecialIn 1917, the Bolsheviks spirited the Czar of Russia and his family across Russia and hid them in a villa in Ekaterinburg in Siberia. It became known as The House of Special Purpose.

But what happened there, until their brutal execution on July 17, 1918?

One of the richest and most powerful families in the world became just an ordinary family, clinging to each other for survival and for comfort.

Based on eye witness accounts this novella paints a poignant and spell binding portrait of the prisoners and their executioners, and why it was believed for so long that Anastasia had escaped.


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when you can’t trust anyone, why would you trust the woman you love?

suspense, romantic thriller, spy thriller, Casablanca1940. Europe is at war and British diplomat Nick Davis is posted to the Balkans. He falls in love with Daniele Simonici, mistress of a German spymaster. Soon afterwards, she follows him to Istanbul.

Like Bogart’s Casablanca, Istanbul has become a city of spies, intrigue and death in dark allies.

Daniela risks her life to get secrets for him. Or does she?

In a world where you can trust no one, can you even trust the woman you love?

An unforgettable love story set against a backdrop of breath-taking romance and byzantine intrigue.

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‘I will survive,’ he promised the black silence. ‘I will survive and I will come back to haunt you. All of you …’

Venom, Colin FalconerIt began like a page from the Kama Sutra; a beautiful French girl and her Indian lover locked in the white heat of illicit passion.

It ends along the hippie trails of Asia in the seventies, in a series of horrific but seemingly unconnected murders. In the Interpol headquarters in Paris, Captain Rene Budjinski tries to make sense of the bloody trail that stretches from the neon streets of Bangkok to the ancient banks of the Ganges.

Eventually he gets his man. But as the judge’s gavel cracks across a Delhi courtroom he cannot imagine how justice will hang on one last ironic twist of fate.

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What is the most terrible secret a father could hide from his daughter?

Disappeared, Dirty War, ArgetineBuenos Aires, 1976. The night the death squads come to his apartment, Reuben Altman is with his mistress. It is a sin that will torment him always.

His wife is dead. But will he ever discover what happened to his twin baby girls?

Many years later, with the junta overthrown, Reuben Altman returns to try and unravel the secrets.

His search leads him to Rome and to the heart of the international arms business – even the Vatican bank. But Reuben will stop at nothing to get his daughters back – and uncover the most terrible secret any father can ever keep.


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‘It is not the bullet with my name on that worries me. It’s the one that says: “To whom it may concern.’” – resident of Belfast in the 1970’s

WARBABY(new_14)From Vietnam to El Salvador, Sean Ryan and Hugh Webb share beers, lovers and slit trenches and photograph the worst that human beings can do to each other.

They think themselves above it. But are they?

Because Ryan has a secret – and one day that secret comes back to haunt him.

It will finally bring Webb back to the war zones to find Ryan and perhaps make things right. It is only in a besieged village high in the freezing mountains of Bosnia, with the guns chattering again, that they finally find peace.


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 According to Father Goode, the worst thing Corrigan ever did was impregnate his housekeeper during the Sunday service.

CORRIGAN'S RUN COLIN FALCONERSanta Maria, the Solomon Islands, 1941. The Japanese are carrying all before them. The Americans are making a vital stand on Guadalcanal. The British need someone to stay behind, alone, to spy on the Japanese.

Patrick Corrigan came here to get away from trouble. But as the battle for nearby Guadalcanal reaches its climax, the fate of the Marines – and perhaps the war  – hinges on the daily reports from Santa Maria.

Patrick Corrigan must make a choice: will he keep running away, as he has all his life – or stay and fight for the one cause he has come to believe in … the missionary’s niece? 

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