Do not wait for the last judgment. It takes place every day – Albert Camus.

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Palestine, 1933.

The centuries old rhythms of sleepy Rab’allah have been disturbed by the building of a Jewish kibbutz in the swamp below the village. 

Zayyad Hass’an, muktar of the village, can see the future and it fills him with dread. On one side the Jews; on the other, the Britishers and the money-hungry Arab muftis in Jerusalem who sold the Jews the land. As one son falls in love with a Jew; his other son wants to fight them. What should he do?

Far away in Europe, another father faces the same impossible dilemmas as Zayyad. Josef Rosenberg is a respected man in Ravenswald. But he is also Jewish.

As the Nazis take a hold in his homeland, and his only son falls in love with a German girl, he sees his entire world destroyed.

Two fathers; two sons; two very different women. A world about to convulse into war. How can they protect all they know and love from the cataclysm to come?

From the snow-hushed winter streets of Nazi Bavaria, to the burned hills of Palestine; from the holocaust to the siege of Jerusalem; from the Alte Post to the Dome of the Rock; romance and terror collide in this epic series that charts the birth of modern Israel.

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